Students have very different personalities and strengths, as do colleges and universities. Whether working one-on-one with a student or giving employees in the workplace tips on how to help their children, our comprehensive college planning services always emphasize the importance of finding the right match. Once we get to know a student, our firsthand knowledge of a broad range of schools also means we can suggest places to explore, help evaluate options, and guide decisions about where to apply. Because we’ve worked with all types of students, and have inside experience of how a university’s admissions process works, we’re also uniquely able to help students deliver the strongest possible application package.

Below you’ll find the many colleges and universities where College Quest students have been accepted. If you’re just starting your search, click on the links and explore any that interest you. If a school you’re considering isn’t on the list, hopefully we’ll be adding it after we help you get in!


"Any college planning and admissions process is going to include some challenges. I'm here to help ease the pain, but I'm also here to keep the process personally meaningful — this should be a time of self-discovery and building confidence."
— Eva Gelman, College Quest