Knowledge Makes a Difference

At every step of the college quest, having the right information is critical for students and families to make good decisions and achieve their goals. Unfortunately, sorting through all the information out there can be very time-consuming, and not all sources are reliable. To the right, you’ll find a list of resources I use and recommend. Of course, if you bring me in as your experienced guide I can point you directly to the best information for your needs.

Whether you’re a parent, employer, community group or school, call 412-521-GRAD (4723) for a free consultation to discuss how I can be your college planning resource!

Covid-19 Online Resources


"Whether it's pointing a student toward schools they might not know about, providing organizational guidance and support, or reviewing applications, my real passion is to help each student find a place where they're truly going to thrive."
— Eva Gelman, College Quest