A Low-Cost, High-Impact Employee Benefit

College costs are rising, application requirements are complex, and student-to-counselor ratios average 460 to 1.* Add that up and your employees with children in high school are likely to spend a lot of time and energy navigating the college admission process. That can drain productivity — which is just one reason leading companies are offering college admissions counseling as an employee benefit.

College Quest’s comprehensive college admissions counseling services leverage more than 20 years of personal experience, including positions with Carnegie Mellon University and Sewickley Academy. Now consulting with corporations, community groups, high schools, and individual students and families, my flexible services range from one-time group seminars and presentation series to more extensive packages. Seminar and service areas include:

  • College Admissions & Financial Aid 101
  • The Role of Parents in the Admissions and Selection Process
  • Finding “Right Fit” Colleges
  • Standardized Tests: The Whats and Whens
  • Individual Coaching, Research and Organizational Support
  • And Much More!

Improve employee productivity and loyalty by offering a benefit that will simplify the college search and application process, clarify decisions, and give their children a competitive edge. Call 412-521-GRAD (4723) to discuss a package tailored to your employee needs, business objectives — and budget.

*U.S. Department of Education, 2009-10

Value for Your Employees

  • Get reliable, time-saving information and “insider” insights based on 20 years’ experience
  • Reduce stress and simplify a complex process that can weigh on their minds for years
  • Give students a competitive edge in getting into the schools of their choice
  • Help parents and students make smart choices throughout the admissions process
  • Promote better work-home balance

Value for Your Organization

  • Attract and retain top talent in the vital 35 to 55 age demographic
  • Avoid lost productivity due to time and stress of college admissions process
  • Build employee loyalty and goodwill
  • Differentiate from competitors and become an employer of choice
  • Add a low-cost employee benefit with minimal time or maintenance from in-house staff

Move to the Head of Your Class

According to a research report from SHRM, between 9% and 14% of companies surveyed have offered college admissions support as a benefit in each of the past five years, which means it is still a real differentiator that can draw top talent to your company. More importantly, companies that implement this benefit have reported excellent results. Below are just a couple articles on this important trend:

Need another incentive? Call 412-521-GRAD (4723) and ask about my free lunch-and-learn session for qualified companies!


"It was great having an objective professional to guide us. When we were too close to see the forest for the trees, Eva helped bring perspective."
— R.R., Parent