• “Eva helped me by always having an answer when I needed one. With the vast array of information thrown at me during the college process, Eva was there with me to sort through it all in order to make the best decisions possible. Without Eva, the process would not be as smooth as it was.”

    — N.F., Student, Syracuse University
  • “After an initial college counseling seminar offered by Reed Smith, 100% of participants said it increased their positive feelings about working for the firm!”

    — Reported in “Law Firms Offering College ‘Coaching’ as a Benefit,” The National Law Journal, June 12, 2008
  • “Thank you for all your help and guidance during this application process. Your expertise made this experience much easier and I truly appreciate your efforts in making Chris’ applications much better than we could have on our own. You went above and beyond expectations and I am most grateful.”

    — P.M., Parent, Georgetown University
  • “We’re very pleased. It’s such a relief to be over and done with the whole awful process. Thank you for everything. We couldn’t have done it without you. You prepared my daughter beautifully, and lit a fire under her. She was so much more ahead of the game when she went back to school in the fall. Her friends were freaking out, but she had most of her applications and essays completed. Thank you thank you thank you.”

    — C.E., Parent, Emory University
  • “Any college planning and admissions process is going to include some challenges. I’m here to help ease the pain, but I’m also here to keep the process personally meaningful — this should be a time of self-discovery and building confidence.”

    — Eva Gelman, College Quest
  • “Jon is so happy about going to Penn. Thank you for all your help and advice in making his dream come true.”

    — E.R., Parent, University of Pennsylvania
  • “It was great having an objective professional to guide us. When we were too close to see the forest for the trees, Eva helped bring perspective.”

    — R.R., Parent
  • “I didn’t want to be the one to stay on top of the application process and critique essays and so on. I was involved, but I didn’t want to be ‘the nag.’ With Eva’s help, my daughter is enrolled at a school she loves.”

    — R.W., Parent
  • “Eva was tremendously helpful. She was a very good listener, and made my son comfortable sharing with her. As a result, he learned about himself and found a place that seems like it will be a great fit.”

    — C.K., Parent
  • “Thanks for remaining a voice of calm in what feels like a storm to us. We found your feedback to be very helpful in the application process. It is clear to me that he would have been at a disadvantage without your help.”

    — S.S.A., Parent
  • “My ‘inside experience’ with college admissions is important. But there’s a personal element that’s equally important. I understand that this is one of the biggest choices students and their families will ever make.”

    — Eva Gelman, College Quest
  • “Thanks again for guiding Jake through the college application maze. With your counsel and knowledge of the process he was able to present his best possible application and was accepted Early Decision at Cornell. We will be forever grateful for your help.”

    — D.C., Parent
  • “Working with Eva provided a calming perspective on our college admission process. She guided our son to make informed application decisions that resulted in multiple college acceptances.”

    — C.R., Parent
  • “My son’s essays, activity list, and Common Application were all much improved as a result of Eva’s insightful comments and suggestions. He is thrilled that he got into his top choice school.”

    — A.G., Parent
  • “Thank you so much for your help with the entire application process. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    — D.S., Student
  • “Eva and my daughter took complete ownership of the college application process — something I felt ill equipped to handle. With the brutal competition today, my daughter would not have been accepted to her top choice of schools without College Quest.”

    — B.N., Parent
  • “My son had eclectic interests. Eva asked great questions, listened without judgment, and used her knowledge to help him find a school that was the perfect fit. She also helped him navigate and stay ‘on task’ during the application process.”

    — B.K., Parent
  • “Whether it’s pointing a student toward schools they might not know about, providing organizational guidance and support, or reviewing applications, my real passion is to help each student find a place where they’re truly going to thrive.”

    — Eva Gelman, College Quest
  • “Thank you for all of your help — there’s no doubt it made a difference in my application!”

    — E.R., Student
  • “Eva was able to give my daughter a timeline to follow — which took the responsibility away from me as the ‘nagger.’ It was a good way to step aside and let my daughter be in charge of her own future.”

    — S.P., Parent
  • “The work my son did with College Quest was invaluable. Eva allowed us to focus on the key parts of the process that mattered and minimized the stress. His school has been the perfect fit — he has many friends who share his interests and an environment where he can succeed.”

    — J.G., Parent
  • “Eva was incredibly helpful in the college essay writing process. She truly helped me put into words a story that was locked away in my head. I highly recommend her!”

    — E.W., Student
  • “Eva gave my daughter vision, encouragement and focus to help determine what she was looking for in a college, and which colleges would be most compatible with her personality, student ability and goals. Her help was immeasurable.”

    — K.F., Parent